I received an editorial  assignment to shoot a suit of armor representing the armor of God. Although the art director envisioned shooting in the studio I felt that there was greater potential on location. After driving most of the day we shot at dusk in the Badwater area of Death Valley. I had long wanted to explore the sand dunes nearby so the next morning we got up before the sun and hiked in a mile or two to be in position as the sun rose across the valley. A perfect time for light, shadow and textures. These images were made on a Hasselblad H3D-39 creating files with amazing depth and resolution.







  1. Ok, did not know these were posted farther down when I made my comment above. These are great! For some reason I thought that D.V. was only three ours away. Found out a couple of days ago it’s twice that!

  2. Oh my this is amazing. The dunes are just something else. You are right the detail even at this size is great.

  3. Amazing series, the Bonneville series is also epic.

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