Many elements come together in a photograph to create the intended message and emotion, not the least of which is the environment or location.  And finding or building the right place within the budget just increases the challenge.

We all want to shoot our subjects in the most beautiful, interesting, or contemporary scenes in town.  And it’s no coincidence that the gatekeepers that can give access know this as well.  It’s not uncommon to spend many thousands of dollars on the location alone – compounded by additional red tape and restrictions.  This is why CGI (computer generated imagery) is so appealing, and one reason why it has grown in popularity within the ad market.

CGI allows us to shoot the important product elements in the studio, and create the rest exactly how we would want it to look saving our client tens of thousands of dollars in location expenses.  We recently shot this lifestyle project.  Parts of the image (including people and some furniture) were shot in our studio, and the rest of the image was generated using CGI with beautiful texturing and modeling.

It was a great collaboration with our makeup artist Claudia Humburg, wardrobe stylist Holly Copeland, and our models Eric Isaiah Weldon and Dalet Hamby.  For the CGI, we recruited the help of Dutch artist Eyal Shmuel. Thank you everyone.

CGI Lifestyle


  1. Bryan Higa


    I would be more educational if you could show is a what was shot in studio in comparison to the finished shot above!
    But it looks great!


  2. The people, white couch, end tables and coffee table were all shot together. The room, floor, walls, windows, curtains, etc. are all CGI.

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