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New Cosmetic Photography by Jerry Garns Studio

Our favorite subjects to photograph are usually things that require a highly technical approach to lighting.  Our product portfolio is full of some of the most difficult to light subjects possible:  everything from glass to chrome.  Another favorite subject of ours incorporates the same highly difficult execution, but with a twist.

Cosmetic photography requires the utmost attention to product styling.  Combining different products into one shot, all with different shapes and sizes, it similar to putting together a creative jigsaw puzzle.  We’ve had a lot of this in our studio recently, and thought to share some of our results:


New Cosmetics - JGS

New Cosmetics - JGS

New Cosmetics - JGS

Ross Back to School!

Ross has been a great client over the last few years. As the economy has struggled Ross has continued to open new stores and grow. Here’s a screengrab of their new landing page that we shot here in the studio.

Ross Back to School

New Portfolios

One of the great things about being a photographer is it provides a great excuse to buy new toys, as in cameras .  It can unlock new capabilities, strengthen existing tech, and foster creativity.  And although technology is a very important cornerstone of professional photography, in the end it is creative vision that makes the difference.  Between projects, we’ve been busy putting together images that communicate our vision of the world.  You can see our new people and product work at our main website:

But before you go, here are a few of the new additions:

New 1

New 2

New 3

Google It! With the Google GSA 7 Series.

Imagine having your very own dedicated internal Google search engine that indexes every resource within your business over multiple platforms, all accessible instantly in one Google search bar.  No need to imagine, it’s here; we recently shot the new Google GSA 7 Series hardware.  It helps companies like Reuters, BP, American Red Cross–and even cities and governments worldwide–organize their information and access it quickly all without the internet.

Google is a world leader in organization and accessibility, and we were happy to get a glimpse at the product itself and take some shots:

Google 1

Google 2

CGI Lifestyle

Many elements come together in a photograph to create the intended message and emotion, not the least of which is the environment or location.  And finding or building the right place within the budget just increases the challenge.

We all want to shoot our subjects in the most beautiful, interesting, or contemporary scenes in town.  And it’s no coincidence that the gatekeepers that can give access know this as well.  It’s not uncommon to spend many thousands of dollars on the location alone – compounded by additional red tape and restrictions.  This is why CGI (computer generated imagery) is so appealing, and one reason why it has grown in popularity within the ad market.

CGI allows us to shoot the important product elements in the studio, and create the rest exactly how we would want it to look saving our client tens of thousands of dollars in location expenses.  We recently shot this lifestyle project.  Parts of the image (including people and some furniture) were shot in our studio, and the rest of the image was generated using CGI with beautiful texturing and modeling.

It was a great collaboration with our makeup artist Claudia Humburg, wardrobe stylist Holly Copeland, and our models Eric Isaiah Weldon and Dalet Hamby.  For the CGI, we recruited the help of Dutch artist Eyal Shmuel. Thank you everyone.

CGI Lifestyle

Flower Mart Revisited

Over time I find myself going back to flowers when I have a moment to shoot something for myself as I did recently. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, I recommend you take a trip to the Los Angeles Flower Mart. It opens early! Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2:00am  and 5:00am Tuesday and Thursday (for the trade only) and usually about 8:00am for the public. It closes between 11 and 2 in the afternoon depending on the day. The great thing is you can find almost any flower imaginable. To walk through early in the morning and see all the variety inspires creativity. Here are a few images from a recent shoot.

Los Angeles Commercial Photographer


Los Angeles Photographer



Car Photography & CGI – Honda South America

Computer generated imagery has been a looming threat to some areas of the photography market, particularly the car photography market. At least, that’s how it has been perceived to be: a threat. We felt the same, but after working on a project using both original photography and CG artistry, it’s obvious that a partnership between the two worlds can be new, fresh, and exciting.

Over the years, Jerry Garns Studio has produced a large volume of work for Honda domestically and internationally through different avenues. Most recently, we were tapped to shoot full exteriors for Honda advertising in South America. And in tandem with Jerry’s photography and CGI environments, the final result is beautiful! Is it still car photography? We think so.

Just as retouching and other digital devices have helped lend a hand to photographers demanding more advanced methods to achieve their vision, CGI is the next logical step. Could you imagine the transport fees and permit process to shoot on Mars? The car itself is a product of the camera, and although the environment is created, this has already been a common practice for photographers since the advent of alternative processes.

The most obvious advantage to CG imagery over traditional car photography is that now we can “take a picture” anywhere. Want to put your car at the opera? Sure, we can do that. How about Mars? Consider it done. And in these advertisements, you’ll see a great partnership between computer and camera come to life.

Very Best,

Taylor Yoelin

Studio Manager


From the first moment I saw the award winning Wrenz speaker by Gavio I was excited about the opportunity to get it in the studio and watch how the right light would bring it to life. Products with round shiny forms, even though sometimes small, require large lighting surfaces to complete and accentuate their shape. The set shot gives you an idea as to how we sometimes go about this. The hard edges of the light, the gradation, movement and length of the light all combine to draw just the right shape on the product.






On the Way to Work

Having worked as a photographer for over 30 years–and most of those years shooting film–I am always in amazement at how changing technology is also changing the way we see.  Ten years ago, I would have never been able to shoot a picture of the interior of a car, in the dark before sunrise, while still being able to balance the light from a neon sign in the background, all of that hand-held without a tripod… while driving.  Here’s the proof:

On the Way to Work


I have been playing with the Sony NEX-5n, and I find myself shooting pictures that in the past were simply not achievable.  There are two major reasons why I’ll hang onto this camera:  (1) It’s as small as a point and shoot camera, I can put it anywhere, and (2) An f/2.8 lens with 1600 ISO that shows little noise makes it phenomenal in low light situations.

As much as I originally resisted digital, I now feel lucky to have been a part of the industry’s transition.  The post production creative possibilities are truly limitless and we can now shoot pictures of subjects and environments that were practically impossible only a few years ago.

Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

One of the driving forces in my business has always been the process of discovery, learning something new, discovering a more meaningful vision or method to communicate that vision. We continually look to expand our capabilities and to create new work with new technology.  We recently did just that.

There’s a taco shop around the corner from our studio, and we guarantee that it’s unlike any taco shop that you’ve ever been to.  “Mexican food with a splash of soul” has been the term long associated with Sky’s Gourmet Tacos on Pico near Hauser.  It’s a small restaurant with a small staff, but with big dreams (fulfilled).  It’s the kind of place that when you walk in, you’re made to feel at home.  We thought it would be a great interview project to ask Barbara (owner and visionary of Sky’s Gourmet Tacos) to tell us her story on camera.  Over the course of an evening and some tacos, we shot this promo… check it out:


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