Computer generated imagery has been a looming threat to some areas of the photography market, particularly the car photography market. At least, that’s how it has been perceived to be: a threat. We felt the same, but after working on a project using both original photography and CG artistry, it’s obvious that a partnership between the two worlds can be new, fresh, and exciting.

Over the years, Jerry Garns Studio has produced a large volume of work for Honda domestically and internationally through different avenues. Most recently, we were tapped to shoot full exteriors for Honda advertising in South America. And in tandem with Jerry’s photography and CGI environments, the final result is beautiful! Is it still car photography? We think so.

Just as retouching and other digital devices have helped lend a hand to photographers demanding more advanced methods to achieve their vision, CGI is the next logical step. Could you imagine the transport fees and permit process to shoot on Mars? The car itself is a product of the camera, and although the environment is created, this has already been a common practice for photographers since the advent of alternative processes.

The most obvious advantage to CG imagery over traditional car photography is that now we can “take a picture” anywhere. Want to put your car at the opera? Sure, we can do that. How about Mars? Consider it done. And in these advertisements, you’ll see a great partnership between computer and camera come to life.

Very Best,

Taylor Yoelin

Studio Manager

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