From the first moment I saw the award winning Wrenz speaker by Gavio I was excited about the opportunity to get it in the studio and watch how the right light would bring it to life. Products with round shiny forms, even though sometimes small, require large lighting surfaces to complete and accentuate their shape. The set shot gives you an idea as to how we sometimes go about this. The hard edges of the light, the gradation, movement and length of the light all combine to draw just the right shape on the product.







  1. John Hill

    Hi Jerry, Love the lighting! Still would like to come visit your studio some time. Maybe you could give me some pointers on lighting gyros!!! I do try to give some of my work a commercial look but some of our engineers don’t share my view. Haha!
    John Hill (Amargosa YSA Ward, Lancaster)

  2. Glen

    Hi Jerry. I am interested in purchasing some prints of your salt flat racing motorcycles. Please let me know how to contact you. Thanks, Glen

  3. That is beautiful.
    But your images always are.

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