Having worked as a photographer for over 30 years–and most of those years shooting film–I am always in amazement at how changing technology is also changing the way we see.  Ten years ago, I would have never been able to shoot a picture of the interior of a car, in the dark before sunrise, while still being able to balance the light from a neon sign in the background, all of that hand-held without a tripod… while driving.  Here’s the proof:

On the Way to Work


I have been playing with the Sony NEX-5n, and I find myself shooting pictures that in the past were simply not achievable.  There are two major reasons why I’ll hang onto this camera:  (1) It’s as small as a point and shoot camera, I can put it anywhere, and (2) An f/2.8 lens with 1600 ISO that shows little noise makes it phenomenal in low light situations.

As much as I originally resisted digital, I now feel lucky to have been a part of the industry’s transition.  The post production creative possibilities are truly limitless and we can now shoot pictures of subjects and environments that were practically impossible only a few years ago.

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